My style is very minimal, and anchored in real human emotions like love, humor, and reflection. I have deep reverence for the influence of light on our moods and perceptions. And I find I’m both a humanitarian and a skeptic— and respect the tension between those points of view.

About Will

Will has been a photographer since 2000, working primarily for private clients, portraiture assignments, documentary work, and solicited photo essays.

After attending photography school in Los Angeles, CA, he set to mastering a documentary and photojournalistic style of photography. These styles are known for their timelessness, objectivity, and sense of storytelling and are distinct from traditional portraiture in that they depart from the idea that you must "stage" a pose or event in order to best capture it. Over time, all of Will's work has taken on the qualities of this photographic style,  even as he has worked professionally on projects across most genres of photography (editorial, fashion, marketing, etc). 

Documentary photography prefers to work with available light, and to direct models as little as possible. These photographers believe that great photography possesses a sense of place and time and that observers of photography are clever--people can sense true authenticity and emotion. 

Will's passion for photography began after seeing James Nachtwey's photo book "Inferno" back in 1999, and the encounter was transformative. After studying Nachtwey's work, Will both entered photography school and also undertook a six year long academic study of genocide, genocide law, sociology, and sociopolitics--and uses the knowledge from these studies every day in his career work. He is a constant reader, a student and appreciator of photojournalism, and a committed instructor across many fields.

He has traveled the American continent extensively, and has also spent plenty of time hopelessly lost in places like Kenya, India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Singapore, Mexico, and Japan. 

Will's artistic influences include: Gordon Parks,  Fan HoJeff Ascough, Don McCullin, Irving Penn, Carlos Serrao, James Nachtwey, Antonin Kratochvil, Marcus Bell, Steve McCurry, Sebastaio Salgado, Marc Riboud, Tomasz Gudzowaty, Todd White (painter), and the Magnum Collective


Hiring and Private Commissions

To hire Will for a documentary, essay, editorial, portrait, or marketing commission, please reach out via the "contact" section on this website. All inquiries will be replied to within 24 hours. 

To hire Will for wedding photography, please make arrangements through Libby Neder Photography (which can be found at ). At this time, Will shoots weddings exclusively through LNP. 

If you have an idea for a unique photography commission, please reach out via the "contact" section of this website--all interesting projects are considered, including interesting trade assignments.